Mount Shasta

Winter Journey

Canal journeys to Mount Shasta in winter

The Ascension Journey Winter 2021 Third Cycle

With the initiation of hundreds of disciples of the planet the wisdom of ancient Moria.
We invite you to a journey of the canals, at the gate of the planetary light - Mount Shasta.
To Beit Lemuria - City of Light Telos.
For accelerated initiation, to the glorious days of Planet Earth.
To the next stage, of the transcendence and expansion of the consciousness of the heart.

The journey was carefully constructed according to a unique plan given by the High Priest Earth and Aurelia Louise Jones, author of the Telos Books of Moriah.

To the official organizations that represent the Telos frequency for teachers in Israel and around the world.

The trip will be led by the leaders of the Telos Lemuria organization in Israel
Ayelet Segal and Nurit Tabenkin.

Hello, here's land, the High Priest from Telos
My dear, you are aware of the changes, and you act according to the feelings of the heart, listen, open up and learn in every
Rediscover the path of light and love, the path that opens so many doors to a new reality that you are
Fulfill. And we, on Mount Shasta, the magical mountain from which many masters of light work emerge, share
Operation with spacecraft from parallel floors and with solar and stellar systems, for the great purpose it is
Raising the vibrations, to bring about the change of Mother Earth and the change of the planet.
Indeed my dear ones, many are the light beings who come to take part in the work, and the mountain is a meeting place, a center
Joint action. The inhabitants of Telos are engaged in wonderful work; The choice to reach the mountain and establish more light cities
On the planet, came to save the cosmic information. But over time, the population on the mountain grew, and formed
New additional goals that gave expression to all the souls and all the new light beings who chose to join
For a task. Yes my dear, you have chosen to descend across the planet, connect to the exact same mission and participate
In her, and thus the connection between us is formed. Many of you these days are getting personal calls straight into the heart,
Readings that clarify your purpose and your role on the globe - to give the light and give the tools
To raise the vibrations to humanity.
Know that we are with you on your personal journey.
The Telos Israel organization was established with the aim of providing information, preparing the emerging Lemurian light beings
And support them. We act out of love, and together with you we can continue our mission with a certain vibration. Know that
The work you do as a group is extremely important, and we thank you, appreciate you and celebrate
Your success. Join your community, find each other through the heart, reach out and help your community
Achieve its purpose. We work together, and soon we will meet with those beings who are invited to us to the mountain, and clean
With them, very exciting group meetings that will grow your being to the highest place you will reach in 2018
A year of receiving all that is. Fulfilling our creation on earth.
We are excited for the day of the meeting and look forward to the awakening of the beings of light.
My dear, we are with you on the joint journey, the masters, the children of Telos, the priestesses and I, earth, the high priest from Telos

The invitation to Mount Shasta

high prist ADAMA

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