The Telos World Organization

The Global Telos Organization, an organization founded by Aurelia Louise Jones, is a volunteer organization that fully supports the Lemurian mission for the transcendence of the planet and humanity, an organization dedicated to disseminating information and teachings from Telus that contain keys to wisdom on the path to self-fulfillment and enlightened life.

The goals of the organization:


  • Spreading the Lemurian mission around the world

  • Awaken the heart of the Moriah that dwells within all of us.

  • Reaching out and helping anyone who wants to embrace the vibration of Lemuria and find the lost paradise.

  • Support for Telos' reporters and work in all languages

  • Establishment of a site for Murani.

  • Keeping in touch with Telos organizations around the world for common purposes

  • Offering courses and workshops for personal and planetary development

  • The organization's leaders in Israel Ayelet Segal and Nurit Tabenkin and the entire team of volunteers and heart leaders who work on a full-time basis

Telos Around the world


Friends of Telos

  • Artist Julia Salomei Lagus

    Artist Julia Salomei Lagus

    Artist of the “spiritual esoteric art” style, My Paintings are like mirrors to higher dimensions and Parallel universes

  • The Stargate Experience

    The Stargate Experience

    he Stargate is an inter-dimensional doorway that facilitates healing on all levels, DNA reactivation and the awareness of one’s Quantum Self.

  • The Trinity Table

    The Trinity Table

    The Trinity Table is an experiential medium for profound relaxation, spiritual and emotional healing, and expansion of consciousness

  • אשה שירה למוריאנית

    אשה שירה למוריאנית

    הלב מתרחב ומשהו משתחרר מבפנים ואז באופן מופלא הקול הפנימי מבקש לצאת החוצה ומתחיל תהליך של ריפוי פנימי עמוק והזכרות.

  • שאהלה תכשיטים למוריאנים

    שאהלה תכשיטים למוריאנים

    תכשיטי אור למוריאניים אנרגטיים, סמלים מכסף בעבודת יד, נושאים תהודת תדר שבע הלהבות הקדושות, משולבים עם אבני חן טבעיות.

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Contact Us


Ayelet- 054-202-4635

Nurit- 053-763-5288




Oren Street 18, Magshimim, Israel

Telos Lemuria Israel

טלוס למוריה ישראל

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We operate as a non-profit organization with a registered name for Telos Lemuria . Non-affiliated entities are prohibited from using the association's trademark, including the use of a mark similar to the deception to the association itself.

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