Telos Lemuria in lsrael

Telos's representative to lemuria in Israel is Ayelet Segal and Nurit Tabenkin - a gathering of ancient souls,
together we arrived from the home planet Mo- in the navy ship of my Lemuria.

With the High Priest Earth and the Exalted Masters, with other brothers and sisters who have chosen to support the planet creation process. And to be the seeds of the Lemuran race.


In the Pleiadian bodies we were embodied, and other planets came and joined the "original" souls in order to evolve here, and these cultures merged to form the Lemuran culture.

Lemuria, the "homeland" became an enlightened culture on the planet, and beautiful Lemurian culture came to fruition on motherland which included the Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian Islands, the US West Coast, Easter Island, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand And Madagascar.

As a result of wars, great destruction took place in Lemuria and Atlantis, 25,000 years ago. The two most superior cultures at the time, fighting each other for "ideological" questions, held two very different views on the direction to which the cultures should turn.

Ayelet Segal

The journey to Telos goes by way of absolute faith, in the way that the connection to the sacred heart is necessary, a way of dealing with challenging lessons. Today I am aware of how much I grew through those lessons during my personal spiritual journey, alongside my journey as part of Telos Israel.

Nurit Tabenkin

I grow up where everyone thinks there is no God. And I know there is. And when I need help, I pray from the bottom of my heart. Really imagine what I want, and God listens, and I say thank you ... And so without anyone telling me, inside knows how to pray, imagine and create reality.

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Handmade energetic Murian light jewelry bearing the 7 frequency resonance flames of creation.
The Trinity Table is an experiential medium for profound relaxation, spiritual and emotional healing, and expansion of consciousness
he Stargate is an inter-dimensional doorway that facilitates healing on all levels, DNA reactivation and the awareness of one’s Quantum Self.

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Ayelet- 054-202-4635

Nurit- 053-763-5288




Haoren Street 18, Magshimim, Israel

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