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The Opening of the gates of the light cities – the Arab Peninsula-Uluru-Tibet


“Welcome dear ones, the children of god.

At these days the memories of the Lemurians are awakening. Ancient memories from those days of the continent sinking. Old memories from the various lives incarnated on this earth in this cycle of darkness.

You can witness today, with the awakening of science and the new archeological findings, beneath the surface, at the depth of the jungles, below the vegetation thicket…

Exciting discoveries that show that indeed an ancient culture existed on earth around 200 thousands years ago. A culture that held ancient ex-planetary knowledge.

These revelations show you, loved ones, the new side that you can already feel in your heart.

You already know what you know, from the visions from your heart that keeps pushing you to another discovery and another enlightenment, and this puzzle is built as a continuation to your life journey and to the essence of the planet.

Indeed loved ones, during the gate of the equinox, the planet increased its vibration and is now radiating more light than ever existed on earth in the past thousands years. You, my loved ones, the people of the light, have the ability to hold this immense light from an awakened consciousness that keeps expanding more and more.

From the depth of the planetary light cities, that enable you, old souls with awakened consciousness to channel and visit the astral dimensions of the light consciousness of the 5th dimension, you are invited to come visit us at the light city of Telos, for mutual learning, for preparing your bodies for containing the high light vibrations. The velocity and the light mass are huge – a lot of energy is currently entering the planet.

This energy hold inside it the divine cosmic love. This love, dear ones, provides you the memories that helps you to open and expand and hold the knowledge from those ancient days.

Many of you move in the corporeal dimension and feel the need to travel the planet to those open light portals that enable you to echo you light limitlessly. One of the known gates is Mount Shasta, to which a lot of Lemurians arrive at a unique journey with the light cell of Telos Lemuria Israel, and other telos Lemuria cells across the world.

At those days I showed aurelia the outline of the journey of a soul that arrives to the gates of ascension. aurelia received this knowledge and performed the initiation to those journey leaders that hold the Telos vibrations, in the main portal of Mount Shasta. Indeed, loved ones, these journeys prepare you to the next phase of your life journey as an awakened soul in a human body.

I want to tell you that the light cities awaken for those who have experienced the awakened consciousness in a human body and shall keep calling you to more and more places that haven’t been discovered to the humans who hold the 3rd dimension vibrations.

One of the ancient centers that were active in the previous human cycle is currently located in the place known today as the peninsula of Saudi Arabia.

This place holds beneath the golden sand, light temples, libraries and portals to distant galaxies. At those ancient days, the wilderness of the peninsula were covered with rich vegetation, animals and water and contained the settlement of those who arrived 1st to the planet.

Indeed, this base of light anchored the divine light. Its sacred buildings contained the sacred geometry knowledge, and each flake of light was an expression of love, harmony and unity. From this settlement, the various stars people started to spread to the mother continent of Lemuria that anchored the essence of the Gaya creation.

Indeed it is not a coincident that with a new human cycle, the 3 main religions on the planet that hold the divine resonance were born from this geographical center.

Loved ones, the planet that you know today is not the same planet that existed at those old times. You should understand that Gaya changes on a daily basis, and keeps holding the divine light vibrations that keeps changing her.

At those ancient days, the essence of Lemuria was to anble the divinity to experience itself in the corporeal world. Those Lemurians conducted a life of unity and sharing, of a healthy community that hold love and light.

This mother land was everything that your heart is longing for.

When you feel the love, softness and compassion, you know that you are home – at Lemuria.

Many ask me: “Adama, please tell me from which star I have arrived?”

This question my loved ones, will awaken in your being when you reach the exact vibration that can connect you to your home star.

1st study and practice the acceptance resonance and bring the vibrations of integrity, truth, love and harmony into your life.

Your body is an accurate compass that can resonate the vibration that you hold. Notice whether your physical body holds pure light and the light chakra centers are open. When that happens, you can contain the light mass and move it through all of your being.

Practice the light containing and the flowing of the gentle vibration. Practice the work with the creation rays of the cosmic sacred flames for opening any energetic obstructions that were created in your bodies through all of the life cycles.

Indeed loved ones, at these days you are the light holders, you – who read these lines, who feel the calling to join us for mutual learning and expansion, you who already held immense light on this Planet Earth at various life times.

Those are the days at which I call you to awaken together, in that great excitement that you feel. Enable yourselves to get to know your brothers and sisters. Enable yourselves to come home.

Lemuria awakens in all of the planet continents. Gaya echoes and the Lemurian hearts opens up to these ancient memories. We work with you together, from the light city of Telos, night and day, at all hours.

We guide and support you, but know that: it is your choice. Do you navigate your life towards piece and fulfillment of joy and happiness? Do you practice your life with acceptance, understanding and integrity?

Many of you express pure intention, but still hold very limiting thinking patterns in your corporeal mind. You carry a dream in your heart but do not dare to realize it.

I ask you, loved ones, can you really see who you are? Your light is great. Enable yourselves to go on the next phase with Gaya. Gaya is already echoing the new.

I return to those places who reawaken, those inner planetary light cities that call you – the Arab peninsula reawakens these days. A new regime will rise at this area, will open itself to the new world and will call to support and save the planet.

Many will feel the calling to the light city beneath the Australian red rock – Uluru.

At the depth of that city live those who arrived with the elementary components of the planet creation. Indeed, they still exist and keep holding those element, to sustain Gaya’s existence. They are the one to move Gaya’s core towards balance and its next phase, with the poles inversion and the change of the energy fields – the magnetic field, the crystal field and the diamond field.

So does Tibet is awakening and calls it sold souls to return to its temples. There were many of those monks who held Gaya’s light vibration at the darkest days.

The Machu Pichu also awakens – many of the Lemurians migrated there and started their new home there after the mother continent sinking.

Indeed loved ones, the light cities are awakening. Those light beings that hold their vibrations will be magnetized and arrive to those various portals to continue their growth and reconnect with the light cities entities.

From the light city of Telos we steer of people towards a service for the planet awakening, inner and outer as one. We work together with those who listen to their hearts and feel the new resonance that takes birth today. So many changes take place today, as ever. Humanity walks with its renewing heart toward the vibrations of the 5th dimensions.

Be patient. Some of you can already move between the dimensions, and some are still learning and practicing the tools for this movement.

I an present with you, loved ones, together with the light worker Ayelet, knowns as Ohelet, who dedicates her current life for supporting the humanity ascension.

I invite you for mutual learning, conversations and divine awakening.

Blesses are thee, I am Adama”

(Channeled by Ayelet Segal 27-Mar-2019)

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