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The meaning of the 12/12 gate

Welcome, I am the high priest Adama, blessing you, you who are awake for hearing my words, the light resonance that reaches out from my heart to yours. Loved ones, you, who have a human body, who contain your consciousness in a unique physiological structure that was created for the continuance of the planet existence for eons, since the sinking of the Lemuria continent. With the continent sinking and the change of the polarity, the location of the continents in the Earth crust has changed as well. The movement was so fast back at those days: mountains sank to the bottom of the oceans, valleys opened wide and an explosion of powerful Lava came out and filled the opening gaps. New rivers and streams were created in the routes of the new crust and those human tribes who survived continued to live on the earth. The survivals remembered and told the story of the consciousness fall days. They were the ones who appeared in the familiar story of the light book that contained a specific target for the renewing humanity on the planet. They were your ancestors, the Aborigines – they remember and know what had happened. Also there are few specific tribes in Africa that hold this ancient memory and in other continents as well. Many species were seeded in the various human bodies, development of the human DNA across the planet. And so, today, the memories of the beginning of humanity open up, with the awakening of humanity, the history of Planet Earth is revealed from the Akasha, from the DNA strands. The strands open up and recall the awake consciousness of the human and the knowledge from those ancient days. Many of those who awaken these days have memories, visions, pictures and even encounters with souls that return for a meeting, return to remind and support in the awakening journey. The journey to the soul connection can be very confusing... The new consciousness understanding, the ability to contain the multidimensional. Dear ones, indeed these days are so significant. In these days we have the ability to communicate with so many of you. So many on the planet have an open consciousness again and have the desire to recall who they are…not only under this physical body, but rather a deep remembering of all those incarnations, all the way back to the primordial incarnation in which you arrived to this planet. There is a purpose for this planet existence. There is a purpose for the ascension process that Gaya goes through in these days. Gaya is the name of the planet – the blue star. And you, loved ones, are her children. Dear ones, you chose to arrive to this unique solar system. You chose to materialize in one level of the many souls levels in this planet. From this universe stars, and also from other universes stars you have arrived. Just as we, in the depth of the planet have built the light cities, so have you established the settlement on the planet. The challenges are different on the earth of the planet than inside it, in the 5th dimension. We know that. We have followed you for decades. Follow and anticipate these days. You have succeeded, deer ones, to get to 60% of all of the population of a level of wisdom and enlightenment. You have succeeded in moving humanity to the expansion of the science and technology fields, and now, again, you have the ability to work with the energies that exist in the creation space for inter-galactic communication and for a balanced use for Gaya. Indeed dear ones, you have succeeded, and even in this very decade you will get to use this knowledge! Indeed in the coming decade, those organizations that took advantage of Gaya's resources for their own benefit shall be transformed. The consciousness of those who lead the organizations is changing significantly, and this will support the processes of Gaya's rehabilitation and protection. Why? Today Gaya receives the full support of all of the light systems of the galactic federation and beyond! All of the highest light bodies have united to support the planet rehabilitation, as it contains inside it many versatile life forms from all of the universe population! Therefore, the rehabilitation of the planet concerns all of the star and solar systems. And you dear ones, are part of the current alignment, the cycle that learns again the united communication of the human consciousness. Indeed, in this cycle, loved ones, you are aware to the significance of the change. You who take ownership of your consciousness and your being. You who shall get to ascend to the 5th dimension consciousness and shall lead the planet to the 7th golden era, which is starting now. Loved ones, we, the inhabitants of the planet, from the inside and outside of it, are few moments before the crossing of the 12/12 gate. This gate will open new DNA levels and DNA codes for many of you, and that will enable to prolong the life on the planet and enable a new learning of your physical bodies understanding and using them via multidimensional communication. The Science today investigates how to renew the human physiological cells, and already knows that the human consciousness has the ability to create and heal the human body, and also to make it sick. The understanding that the physiology is one with the energetic consciousness, the divine consciousness, is proving itself again and again in many instances where people heal themselves as if by a miracle…by magic…extraordinary ability… Loved ones, this is no illusion. These are the new tools for the activation of the new humanity. This knowledge arrive to you – you already know today that singing has a healing powers and so does vibrational nutrition, and so does exercise and painting and operating the 2 brain hemispheres in a balanced way… And just like the 12 DNA strands, the 12 sacred creation rays arrive from the center of creation, the central sun. The journey to the central sun includes passing through 12 suns. Indeed, loved ones, everything is connected in the divine program, know that. And we are with you in this remembering journey. Loved ones, you are invited to unite with the Telos Lemuria community on the gate day that resonates the 12 divine levels. At the place that already echoes the 5th dimension – in the magical village that resides on the golden land and celebrate the gate day together. On this holiday, we will be with you. We will support you in the opening of the strands and prepare you for the next decade. Be sure that the vast galactic alignment is present here with you in these days. Supporting and guiding you in the challenges that you experience in your physical body. Open your heart and feel us. Call us and talk with us – in the service of the great light Blessed are you, we shall meet I am Adama

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