Future events

  •  The Ascension Journey The tenth cycle of 2020 - the Great Journey of Creation
    Thu, Jul 01
    Mount Shasta
    With the initiation of hundreds of planetary students, you have learned the wisdom of ancient lemuria  We invite you to the 10th Journey - Journey to the Shesta Summit ... For a journey of the canals, at the planetary light gate - the mountain of the river. To the house of Lemuria - the city of light Telos. For accelerated initiation, to the glamorous days of Planet Earth. Into infinite creation To the next stage of transcending and expanding the heart consciousness.
  • A night of communication development with spacecraft and aliens from the heart of Ramon Crater
    Thu, Aug 05
    Mitzpe Ramon
    True exposure or rumors? Reality or dream? Are the aliens an image that comes to mind, or intelligent creatures that come to visit Planet Earth? Do they want our best? Are they here today many years ago? During his tenure as President of the United States, did Donald Trump create the impression that revelations about UFOs would be released to the general public, truth or manipulation? The UFOs asked for
  • JOURNEY to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca
    Mon, Apr 18
    Machu Picchu
    The Remembrance Journey, Journey to the Land of the Incas - Lemuria. A trip to the hidden city - the Mezzo Pizzo, which on one night the city disappeared and descended into the depths of the planet. A trip to Lake Titkaka, where there sits, the heart of the Nurse Sister, the beloved masterpieces, next to Nada, Kayan Yin, God of Astrea, Portia. The disappearing valley is rich in ancient secrets for my teachers