Sun, May 24 | Old City

Ascended to the gates of David in Jerusalem

She calls us to ascend, from all corners of the earth she calls us to unite and unite our hearts.
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Ascended to the gates of David in Jerusalem

זמן ומקום

May 24, 2020, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Old City, Old City, Jerusalem

פרטים על האירוע

On Rosh Chodesh Sivan

Just before Shavuot ~ The Feast of the Giving of the Torah

We invite you to come with us to Jerusalem, for the prayer of light.

We will all be with you, on the global ~; group ~ global journey.

We will all support the energetic process that you will all experience and we will walk with you through the gates of the priesthood, to build the foundations of the house of light for the sons of light.

Yes this is a holy day.

"For out of Zion shall go forth the law and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem"

The center of divine wisdom and light. And you are beloved, choosing to hold your brother's hand, and ascend your consciousness, to the eternal consciousness of light. You beloved choose, to be sanctified in the halls of creation, on the holy day, Jerusalem day.

She calls us to ascend, from all corners of the earth she calls us to unite and unite our hearts the children of Israel have gathered,

Unite with the singers of the high halls, those in the heavens, those who work with you for the planetary transcendence.

Gather your heart that carries the ciphers of divinity, for the sake of sanctification and the preparation of the foundations for the construction of the house of light for the new humanity one is in its new consciousness. In these days in which the ability of the sons of light, to ascend with his bodies to the dimensions of light, and to walk on earth both heaven and earth.

Members of all colors and shades and chants. The unity, the whole within you, is what will lead you to Jerusalem. To the city of light in the eighth dimension and beyond.

To the city of God, in which resides the consciousness of the one Melchizedek, and the Metatron and the golden flame.


The meeting place will be given soon

We focus on which city the Old City

And its introductions

From there we will continue

We will hear the voice of Jerusalem and listen to where it is directing us

To carry our prayer

The invitation is open to anyone whose heart feels called from any community of light or group.

In unity with the noble masters and the guardian angels and Metatron and the enlightened being of Jerusalem

With a personal water bottle, meditation pillow, comfortable walking shoes, and a white shirt

Those who are interested in organized transportation are asked to contact Shlomit - 054-2152260

Ascended to Jerusalem on a holiday.

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